Harman Singh

I’m a Software developer. I love spending time on designing architectures, coding and organizing projects.

General Info


AI Security Camera

Machine learning based camera Pi camera where AI is implemented to detec faces and generate security alerts. Technology used: Flask and ReactJS

Business Listing Platform

Django based listing platform with review and rating features, deployed for Canadian market, available at: www.desishops.ca Technology used: Django

Online Pharmacy

Django based ecommerce website serving as online pharmacy for above 100K visitors in India in 2016. Position: Lead Software Developer Company: Lab91 Softwares

Machine Learning with Kitchen Data

Machine learning based fun project where CNN algorithms are used on data available in one's kitchen. Code available on github.

Python Scripts

Auto Website Visitor

An automated website visitor tool to visit given websites by randomly generated identities. Code available on github.

Wordpress Automation

Python scripts were written for generating and formatting wordpress post then send it to blog using XMLRPC protocol with authentication.

USB Speed Test

Python script to test the speed of usb devices and peripherals. Code available on github.


Google Professional Cloud Architect - Pursuing

Work Experience

  • 2023-Present


    Senior Software Engineer

    Enjoying working on backend service

  • 2021-2023

    Blackline Safety

    Software Developer

    Developing and deploying python based services, APIs, integrating with statsd, datadog, docker and CI pipeline .Working together with SRE and Ops to ensure reliability of micro services.

  • 2020-2021

    Intragrain Technologies Inc

    Server Developer

    Worked on designing and programming micro services for cloud orchestration enviroment. Responsible for various integrations with organiaztion's existing system.

  • 2018-2020

    Khalsa Labs

    Python Programmer

    Working on automation of web and blogging platforms. Implemented face recognition and security in IOT devices using python.

  • 2015-2016

    Lab91 Softwares

    Software Developer

    Worked with an online pharmacy startup, design and develop ecommerce platform using python, django and other web technologies. Having fun while working with enthusiastic team of developers.

  • 2013-2015

    Redlizard Studioz

    Software Developer

    Developed ecommerce platform for health products. Integrate various third party APIs for web based services like payment gateway and cloud file storage. Dived into Django Framework for optimizations.


  • 2017

    PG Certificate Human Resources

    Parkland College, SK

    Learn various aspects of Organizational Behavior, Business Communication and Strategic Management

  • 2013

    Bachelors in Information Technology

    Punjab Technical University

    Understood Algorithms & Data Structure, Operating Systems and Computer Networks. Hands on Python based VNC Server project.

  • 2010

    UG Diploma in Information Technology

    Under Graduate Diploma

    Studied the concepts of Basic and digital electronics, Computer networks and Multimedia. Had fun making audio amplifier circuits and interactive web apps.


Home Security

Raspberry Pi based face recognition

Python to Wordpress

Auto Posts WP with Python

Khalsa Labs


Auto Website Visitor

Python Script



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